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Mar 12, 2014
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A man named Tom Nicholson posted on his Facebook account the sports car that he had just bought and how a man approached and told him that the money used to buy this car could've fed thousands of less fortunate people. His response to this man made him famous on the internet. READ his story as stated on Facebook below:

"A guy looked at my Corvette the other day and said, "I wonder how many people could have been fed for the money that sports car cost.�

I replied I am not sure;

it fed a lot of families in Bowling Green, Kentucky who built it,

it fed the people who make the tires,

it fed the people who made the components that went into it,

it fed the people in the copper mine who mined the copper for the wires,

it fed people in Decatur IL. at Caterpillar who make the trucks that haul the copper ore.

It fed the trucking people who hauled it from the plant to the dealer

and fed the people working at the dealership and their families.

BUT,... I have to admit, I guess I really don’t know how many people it fed.

That is the difference between capitalism and welfare mentality.

When you buy something, you put money in people’s pockets and give them dignity for their skills.

When you give someone something for nothing, you rob them of their dignity and self-worth."
well said. I have worked for several multi millionaires and never once thought that the money they had or had made should be given away. I was always happy to see them support all sorts of industy and provide jobs for 100's . How much they made or what they did with their money was their business.

Quote: " How much they made or what they did with their money was their business."

LTS,,,, Well said,,,, :thumbsup Those that put up the capital to risk everything,,,should not be berated for achieving their rewards.....

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