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The Ultimate Wheel Care Guide


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"The Ultimate Wheel Care Guide".

Editor's Note: I feel like the most of the car care industry has wheel care all wrong. They produce a rather strong wheel acid rather than producing a wheel care system. Zymol is the exception. They have a fantastic wheel care kit. Just remember that your wheels are subject to as much abuse as your paint but in different ways so it is best to be pro-active to damage rather than reactive with chemicals. By that I mean that an ounce of protection goes a long way.

This Winter if your XLR is put away and you are going to methodically clean it up I suggest you take each wheel off and Detail it in your house on some newspaper in front of the TV. Without further ado Here's my Ultimate Wheel Care Guide.......

  • Chrome and painted lug nuts may scratch during removal and installation. Here's my guide for Safely Removing Lug Nuts:
  • Before you start make sure that you have the following:
  • Lug Nut Wrench
  • Thick plastic Freezer Bag
  • Jack
  • Jack Stand
  • Car Wash Solution
  • Wash Bucket
  • Detailing Brush
  • 100% Cotton Towel

Step 0: Make sure that the wheels are cool to the touch.
Step 1: Wash them as you normally would
Step 2: With a Detail Brush get down and clean the recesses as best as possible.
Step 3: Wrap a heavy-duty Plastic Freezer Bag over one Lug Nut. The plastic will stretch but will not tear for metal to metal contact. When using a rag for protection ---- a rag will tear and thus damage the lug nut.
Step 4: Place the Lug Wrench over the Wrapped Lug Nut. Make sure that the Lug Nut remains covered.
Step 5: Position your body in such a way to eliminate the effect of torque on your back.
Step 6: Release the Lug Nut and give two full rotations.
Step 7: Repeat Steps 4, 5, and 6 in a 'Star Pattern'. Start with a fresh section of plastic for each lug.
Step 8: Jack up your Wheels one at a time and secure a Jack Stand in the appropriate support area.
Step 9: Remove the Lug Nuts and store in a safe place.
Step 10: Remove the Wheel.

Source: DetailingDude

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