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Tire/Rim Balancing Question


Feb 18, 2009
Corry, PA
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2007 Red XLR-V
I received a set of chrome OEM XLR-V wheels for my birthday and bought a set of the Pirelli euphori@ tires for them. Three of the rims and tires balanced with minimal additional weight added. On the fourth tire/rim they had to add 4.5 ounces of weights. It's also a front tire and rim. Does anyone have any experience with this much additional wheel weight on their rims? Does it seem reasonable to add that much weight. If I were to have the tire shop dismount the tire and rotate it 180 degrees from it's current position on the rim, think that would make a difference? I've got to believe some of the imbalance comes from the tire and some from the rim so maybe if I moved the tire 180 degrees from where it is now, that might cause the tire and rim imbalance to cancel out. Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions? Any concerns about running with that much additional weight on a rim on a steering tire? Thanks in advance.

Cadillac Tech

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Oct 16, 2008
I would have them rotate the tire on the wheel 180 degrees and see how it balances out.

Bruce :wave:


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Jan 1, 2009
Houston, TX
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2006 Silver XLR-V
My stock XLR-V 19's and euphori tires had tons of weight on them - in fact, there were so many that some fell off at one point. I hadn't considered rotating the tire - clever - but in my case they came that way from GM. :squint:


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Oct 17, 2008
Northridge, CA
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2005 XLR
There is usually a sticker dot or a dot of dye on new tires. On OEM wheels this should be aligned with the valve stem for best average balance. Tires, due to their construction technique, are very hard to build balanced, so a dot is placed at the tires harmonic high point (could be the low point) The valve stem hole on an OEM wheel is located on the rim harmonic low point (or vice-versa, I forget, but you get the theory). So when mounted these two balance out.
This does not apply to aftermarket wheels.
Anyhow, look for the dot and try that, or like said above, rotate the tire 180 degrees on the rim.
(not the tech, but I did use to be a wheel designer)

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