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Help! Top won't retract, won't close all the way either leaving about a 1 inch gap.


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Nov 8, 2023
Elkton, VA
My XLR/V(s)
Xenon Blue 2004 XLR
Added note For the last week or so when I use the FOB or Trunk open button next to steering wheel the trunk will open completely. However, it sounds like something on the left side of the trunk continues to run for about 5 seconds after the trunk is already completely opened, The noise does stop after those 5 or so seconds but the first time I attempted to put the top down after noticing the continuing gear noise upon opening the trunk it wouldn't open. It started too, windows down, trunk opened, deck lid opened, top pulled back about 1 inch and stopped. Leaving a small gap between windshield and top. I tried to close it and that gap remains. After a few minutes of fooling with it I got a "Top Motor too hot" or something of that sort message on dash. When I attempt to put top down you can see the top jerks a little, same when I try to close it. It just appears like it is stuck. Even when I manually open top to windshield latches.
So I found another post describing the same issue I am currently having.
"I have a 2004 Cadillac XLR. When I go to open the top the following happens:
1) Windows go down
2) Trunk opens
3) Deck lid opens (the flap behind the seats)
4) The top try to release from the mechanism above the windshield and does not open
5) I can hear the motor for the top running
6)I release the bottom to open the top and it states Top Not Secures
7)The top is also not closing all the way there is a small gap."

I have manually use the tool to unlatch the windshield latches, as well as latch. I can get the Top not secured message to go away however there is still a gap where the retractable top and the windshield latch together. Even with the windshield latch open the top doesn't budge. If I could just get it closed until I am able to get to a certified XLR tech that would be great but it feels like it is locked up. I have tried releasing the pressure with the pressure relief valve and still don't budge.

Any and all help, tips, anything would be greatly supported. I haven't even had it a whole month yet and the top worked fine for about 3 weeks. Opening and closing about 7 times over the period. Thank you all very much for your time.

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