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Galen! Great to hear from you .... Happy New Year!

Now ... back to the wood ... were you able to get a sample before you bought the kit?

You did a nice job on the install.

A little off-topic here, but Ray needs to replace a piece of the burl wood in his 86 MB ..... not been successful on locating an original and might have to resort to an after market product. Any thoughts?
Lots of wood, but the kits looks nice.
RuthAnn, I'm not sure if you buy an aftermarket kit it would replace existing oem pieces. Ray should check that out. I ordered a Woodview (I think they are sponsors here now) dash kit for the TrailBlazer SS that looks really nice, it's brushed aluminum to match some oem trim. Maybe contact them direct.
Yeah, that's what I would suggest also RA. This wood kit is not for everyone. I did it because my metal finish inside was not good. It had dents, but not now.
Looks GREAT......nice job.:cool:
Doesn't do a thing for me....but to each his own. Nice install.


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