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    hmm, my original reply disappeared. The first reply is correct about the concerns of using a Foam Cannon attached to a pressure washer. These are typically needed by mobile detailers who have a reservoir without water pressure, I have seen too many paint jobs ruined by using too much pressure...
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    15th year BG plant homecoming reunion Sept 26 - 28 2018

    I rarely have time to peruse the forums, but received an announcement and thought this might be fun, plus an excuse to drive the XLR, and take vacation. I'm still reading, so far in post 104 I saw days, but not dates, maybe I missed it. Anyhow, we would definitely be interested. Looking forward...
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    The original post was made in 2010! But I think you have the annswers to your questions. If you are looking I have a very nice 2005 is Blue Steel / Cashmere that may be for sale. I'm building a new project and could use a parking space, plus some cash in the bank. Best to send email to b_papp...
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    Test your Mechanical Knowledge.

    I'm feeling smarter this morning, just aced it. Yet I remember from an earlier survey here, I'm one of the few here who doesn't even change his own oil. Bruce
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    The return of THE GREAT ONE!

    Beautiful car, glad you were able to hang onto it all these years, and kept it unmolested. Looks beautiful. Bruce
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    Looking for any experience (Good or Bad) with Dealership Service in the Los Angeles Area

    One of the managers at Silver Star actually owns a XLR, that might help. Even though I live in L.A. I let my Chevy (Rydell) dealer work on mine, because my mechanic (Donny Yorke) is so experienced. Bruce
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    How many change your own oil & filter?

    I do it because that's the way GM did it (not that it means it is always the best way) and I trust the AC (GM) filters. I was surprised how many of you change your own oil, and I applaud you for doing so.
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    How many change your own oil & filter?

    Too many cars, and not enough time. I do have a great relationship with my dealer and mechanic though. I bring the Mobil 1, they provide the AC filter and labor for $18.95, and dispose of the old oil. Plus we usually nose around under there to check everything else. Bruce
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    XLR owners, need your help for a magazine article!

    Nice article Brett. I don't drive mine near enough, but did today, and read your article when I got to work. Yep, they are special cars. Bruce
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    XLR article in Autoweek

    I just received my copy of Autoweek today, but haven't read it yet. I never heard back after I PM'd to do the survey, but neat to see the article published. Bruce
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    pre inspection checklist

    As far as the rusty brake discs, I masked mine and spray painted them with high temp BBQ Black spray paint (Home Depot). Still looks great after a few years, and the color is a very natural color, not too black. Looks like most of the rest were answered. Bruce
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    pre inspection checklist

    Congratulations, glad it checked out. Drive safe. Bruce
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    Site Update: 2004 - 2007 Cadillac XLR and XLR-V Part Numbers

    Very cool, thanks. By sheer coincidence the one part I need (the key hole cover in the rear bumper) appeared on the first page. Bruce
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    Greetings From American Car Craft

    I like the interior trim, especially if the factory ones get dinged up. Nice job. Bruce
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    Greetings From American Car Craft

    Checked out your website, you make some beautiful products. Will you be at SEMA this year? I'd like to look at some stuff in person. Regards, Bruce
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