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    Seat Doctors Shale Leather Dye Before and After

    Thanks for taking the time to post this. I have the same color and issues. I just ordered. (y)
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    Top won't do down

    Great! You may have to do that from time to time. Top down weather is here!
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    Top won't do down

    The part numbers have changed due to upgrade. The current part number to the best of my knowledge is 19210515. Google it and look for the old threads from this forum. They will explain a lot as this is/was/always has been a frequent problem. There are three such sensors on the car. One for the...
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    Top won't do down

    Your problem is likely to be the folding top position sensor. It is a potentiometer on the driver side folding top hinge. You can reach it with your hand with the top halfway open (rear window vertical.) It is just behind the drivers seat. It has a wire running to it. It may be loose or bad. It...
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    Radiator Leak - sometimes ??

    Hi XLRNOW, If your still on your original radiator you may have a leak at the left tank seam, thats were they seem to fail on the base model 04 and 05 radiators. Our 05 had similar symptoms as yours when it failed. The fix was a upgrade to the XLR-V radiator for us. Hope thats not the case for...
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    Help! Picture of front tonneau position switch wire routing - needed

    It clips to the rib that is right above it in your picture, between the two bumps. Slack in the wire should then be bowed to the back. Just had to replace mine. Dave :wave:
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    Replacement Shock Article

    A lot of folks have been inquiring about replacement shocks for the XLR. This is a article about Corvette replacement shocks options. It also explains and demonstrates magnetic ride control as a Corvette option. Everything You Need to Know About Shocks for Your Corvette Dave ;)
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    Trunk not closing on own after top cycle, only opens with top switch??

    A trip or two to the Cadillac dealer without a warranty should do the trick.:jaw:
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    pre inspection checklist

    Be sure to check the well in the driver side truck. Under the carpet there is a cardboard lid. It contains the folding top module and stabilitrack. Check for water or signs of previous water on the sides. Check the pc boards for signs of white corrosion that would indicate previous water. While...
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    Greetings From American Car Craft

    How about door sill plates? Ours are showing some wear, XLR logos would be nice on those. Dave :thumbsup
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    replacing roof tonneau cover actuator

    Mine too, so far. Got it at obdiiscanner.com Dave ;)
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    low oil light and low oil pressure coming on but no leak and the car is sitting still

    Our low brake fluid message came on the recently when parked on a downhill slope, then went away. We were slightly low on fluid I believe due to pad wear @ 43K miles. Topped it off. We typically idle at 20 PSI at 190 to 210 degrees, 40+ PSI when cold. Dave
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    The wrong kind of chick magnet

    We belong to the raccoon club. Two lane road at night. Hit it with the right front. It checked the paint a little down low and blew out some wheel well rivets. We later found the poor critters teeth lodged it the tire! :gap: Hope that's it for us
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