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2007 XLR production


Nov 23, 2007
Atlantic Beach
My XLR/V(s)
2006 Infrared
Searching through the XLR data base under model center I discovered the production figures for 2007 were 1,505 while all other years were in the 4,000 range can anyone enlighten me as to why the production figures were so much lower in 2007 ?:dunno:
I "might" be able to get an answer from
Will Cooksey :( . I have contacted him through the corvette forum before.
How reliable is the information in the model center ? it looks quite complete, but my thought is it might be partial year results, instead of end of model year.
All of the data in the Model Center came straight from GM Media and they are known for providing erroneous data at times.
:bootyshake: looks like none of "my contacts"
wants to explain or verify the production figures in the Cadillac website :dunno: no answers yet.
Dealers are still offering big discounts on new 07 XLRs,
not that it matters, low production or not,
new cars are "not" investments anyway, drive em.;)

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