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A/C trouble


Apr 26, 2013
Sugar Land, TX
My XLR/V(s)
2008 Light Platinum
I searched but found nothing applicable to trouble at hand.

Generally I can chill a six pack in the front seat, but the air is not acting right today.

The passenger side dash vents are at least 10 degrees cooler than driver's side.

Even so, the passenger side is not as cold as usual.

Since one side is working better, I am thinking the "blend doors" or whatever they are called are not working properly.

Is there a known fix for this? We are having some hot days in Texas and any help is appreciated!
Sweating more in Texas,,

Are you just recirculating the inside cabin air or bringing in outside air as well to go across the dash evaporator coil? What is the humidity factor there? With a high dew-point factor the A/C works harder to remove the moisture from the air, so the temp may not feel as cool as on a low dew-point day..... Shut off the passenger side air, and see if that makes a difference.

May need to have the refrigerant pressure checked to see if more Freon is needed.......more of a critical factor since R-12 was discontinued as the auto refrigerant.

Let the forum know the outcome,,, Thanks,

p z

Also, the HVAC in the XLR has a lot of sensors, outside air, inside air, light sensors, output sensors, that will make the HVAC automatically do a lot of things, for instance..

Dual Zone Control Switch
The passenger air temperature switch is provided to allow the passenger to set air discharge temperatures on the passenger side of the vehicle. Passenger temperatures can be set from 15°C (60°F) to 32°C (90°F). To activate the dual zone, the passenger air temperature switch to the desired offset. If the passenger air temperature switch has been turned on, it can be turned off by pressing the passenger switch. Greater sunload on one side of the vehicle may cause the discharge air temperatures to be different, even when the HVAC system is not operating in a dual zone mode.

If you have a Tech II and the repair manual you could fix it yourself, if it's actually a problem. If the temps are different inside a garage with even lighting, you could always try resetting the system by removing the negative terminal on your battery. But that seems like an extreme fix for an unknown problem.

I would try setting one zone all the way down cold and one zone all the way hot, then reverse them and see if that helps..
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