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Nov 13, 2016
Gibsonia, Pa
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2004 Raven Black xlr 2009 sts4
I need some techi advice. I'm putting a back up camera on my ride and rather than dig into the console and dash, is there a wire I can tap into the rear deck or trunk that will only be "hot" when the key is on? Can't find schematics for those areas. Was thinking about the antenna module. Any other ideas?
Just a ideal that maybe you want to try. In the dash board you might remove it ( there is a video for the XLR on You Tube that shows you how) and the wire is on the emergency lights is hot when the key is on,simply unplug it and wire tap it in. Then you can tap into one of the tai lights (drivers side or passenger side) and maybe it might work -- possible?
I recommend digging into the console. I tapped into the cigarette lighter inside the arm rest and ran the wire back into the left well in the trunk. I don't recommend trusting the combination video / power wire that comes with the camera to last very long running power from the front to the back without shorting or breaking over time. I speak from experience... Run a dedicated power wire with a fuse because no matter how careful you are, that wire is going to flex and pinch when it goes into the trunk lid. I had to re-do mine after a year and, even having done it before, it took over two hours to chase the replacement along the hinge.

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