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Important! BIG NEWS = After market parts - Market for them?


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Aug 31, 2008
Whitby, Ontario, Canada
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Hi everyone! As you may have gotten from some of my posts, I am in the midst of revealing some new after market parts for the 04-08 XLR and XLR - V. I have given out simple concepts such as the painted engine cover which I will hold no credit to as that was a simple mock up. However, things like the carbon fiber interior pieces and the new parts I have to extenuate your XLR's body have taken time and much effort to design and build. Some of which is still in the process. To make this quick and to the point: Is anyone interested in some bolt on items to enhance the way your XLR looks? These parts make you XLR far more aggressive and sporty but maintain the classy look that a Cadillac should have. Some of these concepts are from manufactures such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Saleen. I’m sorry I can not post anything as of yet as I am still in the process of getting patens completed. Please let me know your thoughts!


Oh and dont be shy.....write a little something!
I'm curious
Sure, I'm always interested in mods/upgrades and would be interested in seeing what you come up with for my 2009 XLR-V. :beerchug:
Unfortunetly the parts I have are for the 04-08 models. However the interior carbon fibre sould be a good fit for all models. I'll post pics soon!
Unfortunetly the parts I have are for the 04-09 model. However the interior carbon fibre sould be a good fit. Ill post pics soon!

I can hardly wait to see what you've come up with.
This just seems like the logical next step in the mods - you'll have a lot of looker's that's for sure!

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