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Help! Door won’t unlock


Mar 15, 2022
Santa Monica, CA
My XLR/V(s)
XLR 2008
My driver door won’t open. This occurred after several weeks of hearing odd clicking noises beneath the dash when I started the car. The A/C won’t blow through the direct vents (only top and floor vents). Initially, I thought A/C issue was a result of clicking noises. But now door won’t open. Maybe these are not connected to one another. I have it at a shop. The guys there are good. They told me it’s a control that locks and unlocks door. They don’t know part # though. Any and all advice please. My main concern is the door lock function.
Hi TPost good luck with your doors
I have a 2008 XLR platinum to let us know how it goes
The guys at the shop where I take the car determined that the locking mechanism needed to be replaced. FYI I read on this thread that someone suggested swapping out the passenger one for driver one (driver side was broken one) and was told that the parts were mirror twins and couldn’t be swapped. AC Delco still makes the required part and the shop was able to get it and install it (for the tune of $900+ this is what a woman in LA gets charged for sh$t she knows nothing about.)
Sorry to hear that, did you get a breakdown of the costs, parts verses labor, if not, demand one and let us know. Believe me I know these cars are expensive to work on but that just sounds wrong.
Well this is just like any car. If you cannot do basic repairs or have a trusted tech then cost is very expensive. The door lock part number 88956658 left side is still available and fits all xlr and many corvettes. It lists for 350 new 100 used and they rarely , very rarely fail. What someone was talking about swapping was the touch pad. That's what you press to open the door. Its the same right or left and runs 35 or so new and 10 minutes to change. The door lock book Labor from GM is 2.2 hours so at 150 and hour so about 700 plus all the extras the shop adds on. Easy to get to 1000$. If when you pressed your fob to lock you could still open the door then it nay have needed to be replaced.or a drop of oil.
Mickeytee is a smart man with good advise.
If the keyfob won't unlock or lock the door I would have the technician try swapping the door pads first to see if that fixes the issue. Process of elimination..... then go with the lock actuator if those test's fail.

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