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Little Woman

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Oct 17, 2008
Bourbonnais, IL
My XLR/V(s)
Cubby's, RIII Attendee, Midwest Marauder Alcohol Czar
'How many of you are willing to forgive your enemies', asked the
80% held up their hands. The priest then repeated his
All responded this time, except one small elderly
'Mrs Jones?' 'Are you not willing to forgive your
'I don't have any.' She replied, smiling sweetly.
'Mrs Jones, that is very unusual. How old are you?'
'Ninety eight' she replied.
'Oh, Mrs Jones, would you please come down to the
front and tellus all how a person can live ninety eight years and
not have an enemy in the World?'
The little sweetheart of a lady tottered down the
aisle, faced the congregation and said:
'I outlived the b**ches.
Have a Good Day.
FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY... I think this could have been either of my Grandmothers... one lived to be 96, the other 97...

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