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Have you changed your hood / trunk hydraulic struts yet?


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Oct 15, 2019
Montreal, Canada
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Hi all,
As per the title - I bought all I needed some time ago and only got around to slapping them all in yesterday. Holy smokes, what a difference. The hood nearly whacked me in the chin and seeing as I'm running only as a hard-top (hydraulics disconnected and only using the Meccano set hinges and linkages for the rear trunk)... well that one was so fast it was virtually instantaneous! :lol:

Okay, the front hood - well that's a no-brainer. Even the youngest of XLRs is now over a decade old so if you stick your head in there (you are supposed to on occasion), I'd recommend changing or having them changed.

There's been numerous threads regarding trunk operation lately and while most of the time things seem to be electrical, timing or pump issues, I'd highly recommend that those rear ones get changed out. Due to the layout of the linkage, they're really, really stiff, so one would have to think their presence in good operating condition could only be helpful to all the other components in the system.

Summary: If you haven't yet or have no record of 'em ever being done, do consider it. Easier on you, easier on your XLR too. ;)


Gord :)
one of the best maintenance things you can do and as you stated they assist the power trunk and take off excess weight when the pump runs. meaning a longer life on the pump and fewer burnt out resisters in the motor.
Is there a preferred source for them

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My preference was based on a brand I'd heard of prior (Sachs), and the price:

2004 CADILLAC XLR 4.6L V8 Lift Support | RockAuto

Do note that's for a 2004 so best would be to double-check there's no difference with your (anyone's) car by model year.

There is yet -another- pair of hydraulic struts by the way: Note the first item in the list mentions "Convertible Top Cover"... those are for your roof / rear glass! I'd actually suspect they're equally used and abused in the whole system along with the trunk struts if you run the car as a convertible.

I removed mine some time ago (hardtop only don't forget) - I can't recall exactly how I did it but I do recall it wasn't exactly fun and without those in place and without hydraulics, the roof / rear glass etc is exceptionally heavy. I'd have a friend around if anyone decides to fidget with those ones for sure.

As L.T.S. has concurred, all these struts are critical to the healthy operation of the roof and such so if you do lots of 'converting', hey, order the lot - they're really not that pricey I find.


Gord :thumbsup
I replaced the trunk units with lift support depot units. A little tricky getting them in but not bad. Took about a hour.

The front hood of my XLR were replaced a year ago as during the cold weather, i had to use a wood stick to keep it open.

The rear ones for the lid and the top is to be check oftent if the retractable top is frequently open and closed.

However if the hydraulic components ( such as the motor properly workings ) are not leaking that indicate that the pressure is constant and there is no need necessary to replace them, as far for the struts they are an helper for the hydraulic cylinders.

Basically when the lid is slow to open up and the cylinders are not leaking that indicate that the struts needs to be check or to be replace.

On my old XLR the lid and the top opens up normally .

The hydraulic circuit is the one that realy makes the efforts to get the top working.

Au plaisir.

IAN :wave:
Yes--I changed my hood struts earlier this year (I think I had bought the replacements for the essentially nonfunctional units over a year ago) and it made a huge difference.

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