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I need a excellent engine re-builder for my 2008 XLR-V engine.

Big Duck

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Aug 30, 2014
Granbury, TX
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2008 XLR-V Alpine
Sorry to say but Bruce Elam did not torque the bolt on the end of the crankshaft of my 2008 XLR-V, upon disassembly it was finger tight, which caused insufficient oiling of my engine. [see pictures] The engine had <10,000 miles [note original chalk marks on the pistons] then the rods started to knock. Back in Jan of 2017 I sent it to Jake Wiebe @ Northstar Performance and now have had to retain an attorney to get him to communicate with me regarding his repair of it and secure the return of the engine.

I am now in search of a reputable shop to inspect the engine. Jake tells me that he put bearings, oil pump and a new crankshaft as well as his patented head bolts in the engine.
"Multiple connecting rods were overheated (heat discoloration) as well as damage from spun bearings. I am waiting patiently on the replacements- the crank and oil pump are in. Won't be much more to complete." 10/10/2017
He makes no mention of replacing the discolored rods or re-balancing the engine. This makes me very uncomfortable.

Will someone please give me a recommendation for a good reputable shop to checkout this engine?
Bruce Hatch TX


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James Landi

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May 21, 2017
Camden, Maine, and Melbourne, Fl.
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2007 (red) with wire grrile
Did you notice any decrease of oil pressure on your oil pressure gauge, or did the oil pump and the location of the sending unit not provide you with a low reading. I've noticed that the oil pressure readings on the few XLR's I test drove and the one I own have high readings--that is higher that other cars with gauges and psi numbers associated with them. I mention this and question the reliability of auto gauges (generally), because my Jaguar seriously over heated-- the the heat range gauge never moved above mid-range. Additionally, hot oil in an gasoline engine usually does not provide much oil pressure at idle... sometimes as low as under 10 #'s, and on my XLR, it rarely ranges down below 25 psi--. Any thoughts on this? James


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Jan 3, 2017
Hurricane, West Virginia
My XLR/V(s)
2008 XLR/V, Arctic White, Cashmere interior

Can recommend but a bit of a distance from you -
Robert Sizemore - certified xlr mechanic
Walker Chevrolet in Nitro, WV | Serving Hurricane, Huntington & Charleston, WV
Robert is the only person that I will allow to work on my XLR-V.
He has worked on -
fixing top issues and updated top software
new top shocks installed
wildwood brake system installation
getting ready to install coil over suspension
getting ready to install intracooler for supercharger

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