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Jay Leno on the Auto Industry’s New Congressional Masters


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Oct 7, 2006
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Jay Leno on the Auto Industry’s New Congressional Masters

Jay Leno, from Olbermann last night, on the bailout:

OLBERMANN: All right. Let me ask you one more topical thing since you‘re going to be topical as ever on this.

LENO: Go ahead.

OLBERMANN: The largest buyers of cars in the world, number one is the United States. Number two is China. Number three is you. So how do you feel about the bailout of Detroit and are you eligible to be the car czar? Where is this going to go?

LENO: No. Actually I found out if I buy just two more cars I am eligible for a bailout so I‘m going to Washington to do this. I love the idea of a car czar. Like these idiots in Washington know anything about— You have people who are trillions of dollars in debt yelling at people who are billions of dollars in debt so to me the whole thing is ridiculous. I want Nancy Pelosi designing the new Corvette. I think it will be a very exciting automobile.

OLBERMANN: I think she designed the old one. Jay Leno, congratulations again.Thanks ever so much for spending a couple of minutes with us. We appreciate it.

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