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Liquid Amethyst in 2008

Yes, it was available on the platinum edition only.

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Ok, so I'm digging up this old thread because a member sent me a PM inquiring about Liquid Amethyst.

If Liquid Amethyst was only available in 2008 on the Platinum edition, how come we don't see it here in the production information from the Bowling Green Assembly Plant:


The only color I see tied to the Platinum Edition is the Golden Quarts Metallic?
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I just figured it out. I found some old marketing materials for the XLR on GM's Cadillac site.

The Bowling Green Assembly Plant called RPO 36U in 2007 - Golden Quartz Metallic. RPO 36U is actually Liquid Amethyst!! :crazy:
I recently order some OEM paint to paint my engine cover. The supplier that I used stated that Cadillac paint codes are some of the most confusing.

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