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Looking for a repair shop

Jan 21, 2020
My XLR/V(s)
Any Northstar mechanics near Venice / Sarasota, FL?
The engine developed a rattling/grinding noise.
Oil pressure is good. 46k miles.
Can't tell if the noise is internal engine or external.
2007 XLR
Thanks, Ron
Hey Ron,
I’m in Naples and was told that Val Ward Cadillac in Fort Myers has certified technicians for the XLR
Haha. Val ward claims to have techs. Several members here can tell you there experiences with them. I have the 10 page booklet you can read and take the test then you to can be certified.
Can be an easy fix. Mine had a few small stones between cooling fan and "tunnel". Lift your car and take a look. Hope the best...
Hey Ronald. If you find a mechanic or garage for your XLR, please let me know. I am on the west coast of Florida as well and new to the XLR family

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