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Help! Manualy open top problems


Jul 25, 2021
Surprise, Arizona
My XLR/V(s)
Hi everyone, This is my first post so be kind.
I have an 04 and need to replace the front top hold down cylinder. Last time I put the top up, fluid came out of the access hole in the headliner. I am trying to raise the top manualy so I can remove the headliner to get access but can't get the latch to disengage. I have tried opening the presure at the pump and still no luck. Don't want to force the issue and break something. Is there anything I am missing!!!
Thanks ahead of time for any help....
Welcome to the group. I've not faced your problem, so I can't be of help but I'm sure someone here can answer your question.
Do you have the factory tool or a t handle allen wrench? Its tight but you can turn it to release the top latches.
Thanks for your reply
Hi, don't have the original tool, have a 8mm allen wrench. I turns about 1/4 of a turn and then just stops. Like I said, don't want to force it to much, not sure if I could break anything!!
Check out Top Hydraulics videos on YouTube. Klaus has a few instructional videos for manually moving the top, I've followed the directions and while it's a process, it can be done easily. First and foremost, if you have access to the pump, loosen the valve (it has a "T" handle) so you are not fighting the pressure of the fluid in the lines. Don't forget to tighten it back up! the videos from Klaus are a wealth of info.

Thanks, you are right, the video's are great, I must have watched the one on putting the top up 10 times. What I missed was that when you take it down. you must have the trunk open (i did, also had the relief valve open) but the thing I missed, You must have the front Tounneau cover opened before the front latch will release, at least that is what made it work for me. I have since sent my part to Top Hydraulics.
Thanks again for your responce.

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