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News: Luxury auto owners gather at XLR event


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Luxury auto owners gather at XLR event

By JUSTIN STORY, The Bowling Green Daily News, jstory@bgdailynews.com
Friday, June 6, 2008 9:34 PM CDT

A luxurious procession of gleaming Cadillacs made its way Friday from the Holiday Inn on Wilkinson Trace to the General Motors Bowling Green Corvette Plant.

The parade was the centerpiece of the Cadillac XLR Rendezvous, the second year the weekend event has been held in Bowling Green.

Organized by owners of the luxury sports car who have gathered to form the XLR Forum Club, the parade of about 90 cars wound its way to the assembly plant, where about eight of the high-end vehicles are manufactured daily.

Upon gathering at the plant, the XLR owners got together for a group picture with plant manager Paul Graham and their cars.

GM spokeswoman Andrea Hales said that an event for this particular car is unique, since passions usually run more strongly for classic cars.

“This is a singular kind of event,” Hales said. “Not many cars (being produced) today have such a following.”

The XLR was introduced at the 2003 Detroit Motor Show, and the 2004 models were the first to roll off the assembly line at Bowling Green.

Loved by owners for its performance and luxury, the XLR is bought by only a few thousand people in the United States each year, with prices ranging from $80,000 for the base model to $100,000 for the high-performance XLR-V.

It quickly established itself as a symbol of luxury, being awarded to Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning for winning the Most Valuable Player award in Super Bowl XLI last year, and to New England Patriots wide receiver Deion Branch for his MVP performance in Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005.

The car also won the approval of hip-hop artist and conspicuous consumer Sean “Diddy” Combs, appearing in the opening scene of the video for his song “Come to Me.”

XLR Forum Club members began the weekend in Bowling Green on Thursday, with a dinner at Olde Stone Country Club and the unveiling of the 2009 XLR.

After the parade (with police escort), the club members toured the GM plant and Corvette museum.

Today, members will display their cars in the Holiday Inn parking lot throughout the day for the Park ‘n’ Shine and Poker Run.

Hales said various awards would be given out today to owners for various honors, including “most miles driven” and “shiniest car.”
I am happy to be able to say that my husband and I were part of this event ... it was actually the second time that we have attended the Rendezvous in Bowling
Green. We traveled from our home in Southern California in "Lola" - about a 2,400 mile trip each way ...... We have caravaned over there - the first time with 6 other XLR's ... meeting them at different points across the US on our way in .... what a fantastic drive! You should see the heads turn when our 6 cars would zoom along the Interstates! :D And pulling into refuel always caused a stir for the locals of each town. (Yes ... we did get stopped once in NM) .... no ticket the first time .... On our second trip over ... one of our members was not so fortunate .... again, he was stopped in NM! Gotta watch your speed ... The X ... they like to eat up that pavement! :lol:

What a blast we had during the event ..... finally meeting up with our Forum buddies, that we have formed friendships with through the XLR forum and this year, renewing friendships that we had made from the previous events :bar00: (.... but, well, there was no poot table!)

Just lots of wine! Anyway, to look down from our hotel rooms and see a corral full (over 90) XLRs sitting in the parking lot was AWESOME! We had a fun packed 3 days to play .... and even a chance to take a run through the beautiful Kentucky landscape .. Our lights and siren escorted parade through town to the factory was truly a sight ....
There is beginning to be a number of events planned now on the XLR Forum ... I would love to have you guys check them out and ATTEND! It is so much fun getting together with other owners who share our love for this car ... and the people are the most terrific you will ever meet. Since the XLR is an unusal car to see on the road anyway, you will love the attention we draw ...:jaw:

This seems like a really informative forum ..... but not much activity ... it would be fun to get to know you all .... and maybe even meet up with some of you!

Lola's Mom
Ruth Ann
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Well, we're hoping to start promoting the XLR Net much more. The XLR Net is much more than just a set of forums and we think that it will be a great asset to XLR owners in the coming years.
Photos from RIII in Bowling Green,KY '08




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Awesome photos.


Let me know if you want me to add an Events area in the Gallery as well as as separate galleries for the past and future Rendezvous events where you can upload all of your photos.
Rob, that sounds like a good idea. Photo girl takes a lot of pictures, so we have many to share.
Bruce :)

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