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Pioneer nex series radio


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Nov 13, 2016
Gibsonia, Pa
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2004 Raven Black xlr 2009 sts4
I know some people have put in NEX series radios in their xlr's (Me). I have a 7200. On the back of the unit there are 2 usb ports, 1&2. I currently have an extension plugged into the top one, #1. I use it for mp3's. I've been checking out Android Auto to connect my cell for voice commands, like making phone calls, texts, etc. From what I've read, For iphone connections you use usb 1. For android you use usb 2. My question is can I play mp3's through usb 2? That way I don't have to run another cable from the radio. Either music from the flash drive or Android auto for voice commands. One or the other. Running another cable is a real pain. You don't need a cable for iphone, you do for and android. Anybody?

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