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Reprogramming a Key Fob Transmitter


Aug 14, 2020
Athens, AL
My XLR/V(s)
2006 Black Raven and Shale XLR-V
When I got my 2006 XLR-V, I received both key fob transmitters. They were identified as fob 1 and fob 2 on the back. Fob 2 worked fine but fob 1 was unrecognized.

No problem, I thought. I’ll just replace the CR2032 button battery in fob 1. But when I replaced the battery it still didn’t work. It was still unrecognized.

I really didn’t know why but had a theory the button battery had been dead for so long the fob had lost it’s programming. So I decided to reprogram it. This is the procedure:

1. The vehicle must be off.

2. Have the recognized and unrecognized transmitter on your person.

3. Go to the rear of the vehicle and insert the vehicle key into the key cylinder located on the lower rear fascia on the driver’s side.

4. Open the trunk.

5. Turn the key five times within five seconds.

6. The Driver Information Center (DIC) will display READY FOR FOB #X. X will be the next fob number.

7. Place the unrecognized transmitter in the glove box transmitter pocket with the buttons facing to the right. This small pocket can be difficult to see. It is on the left side of the glove box and you may need to feel around to find it. This is in the passenger side glove box, not the center console.

8. Once the transmitter is programmed, a beep will sound.

9. Press the ACC button.

After this procedure the fob worked perfectly. It was programmed as fob 3 since as far as the car’s computer was concerned fob 1 was still a working fob. Your vehicle can have a maximum of four transmitters matched to it, actually less if you have to reprogram a dead fob like I did.

You may not be aware, but when a weak or dead fob battery causes the DIC to display NO FOBS DETECTED when you try to start the vehicle, you can still start the car.

Place the fob in the glove box transmitter pocket with the buttons facing to the right. Then, with the vehicle in Park, press the brake pedal and the Start button. This will start the vehicle but you should still replace the fob battery as soon as possible.
The only thing wrong with your theory is the fob/transmitter is not programmable. What is programmed is the RCDLR module in the car.
Yes, that would make sense from a security standpoint. I don’t know why the transmitter would not work after I installed a new battery.

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