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Roadside Emergency Safety Kit


Aug 14, 2020
Athens, AL
My XLR/V(s)
2006 Black Raven and Shale XLR-V
I recently purchased off eBay a Cadillac Roadside Emergency Safety Kit for my 2006 XLR-V. It comes in a leatherette bag that has an embossed Cadillac logo. It’s a recent Cadillac kit but it’s very inexpensive for all that it includes. It is fairly large and bulky so I will probably only carry it for extended road trips although I did take out some of the items and put them in my glovebox. There’s room enough in the bag to add extra items like more tools if you want. I’m a long time AAA member so I would use them for most emergencies but it will be nice to have this for the extra piece of mind.


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