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Save your old parts


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Apr 5, 2017
North Atlanta
Just as the heading says. When you have anything other than oil and filter, replaced on you XLR, make sure you get the old parts and hang on to them. Many parts that just a couple of years ago could be bought cheap and plenty of them now are no longer available. There are several members who are repairing or rebuilding a number of parts. Without something to start with some of these repairs would be much too costly. Switches can be repaired rebuild or modified but to mame one from scratch is not worth it. the good thing is that so many cars are getting parted out some parts are coming down in price. With over 50 headlights for sale on ebay watch for vendors clearing out shelves when they dont sell. i just bought an 08 4.6 engine with 55,000 miles delivered for 650$. So engines, transmissions and differentials that rarely fail are very cheap.let me know by pm if you have any old parts and i will point you to someone buying them

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