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Hi Gang
I went on a short road trip this morning, top down beautiful weather, and ended up at Sebring race way, an open event was being held so I put the XLR on the track for a few hot laps, It was a great feeling putting her throught the paces, lots of Vettes and Porsches were running I held my own but the car was much better than the driver. Next time I will come with a set of racing tires and see what I can do against the Z06 and others .

Cadillac Tech

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Oct 16, 2008
That sounds like fun! Sebring is a cool old track, very rough. Did you enjoy blasting down the long front straight? Have you ever been to the 12hr race?



Yes it was a blast, I did nail it on the front straight out of 17 (i think) and the car pulled the whole way , The torque curve on the car is very different from what I have been used to,(Vettes) 130 mph at end braking into 1. I started braking very early, (Rookie stuff). The corners are very rough however I was impressed with the high tech stability control. the harder I went into turns the stiffer the car reacted, Yes I have been to the 12 hour but it has been a few years, Good fun. I ask the track how often they have these open events and they said several times a year. Cost for one day all the racing (no speed limit) you can stand was $299. This might be a good future venue for the XLR gang, I would love to see the V's run out.

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