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Steering Wheel Project Completed . Finally!!!!!!!


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Dec 31, 2020
Atlanta, GA
My XLR/V(s)
2005 XLR Xenon Blue, I call "Blue Thunder."
Good afternoon. Been working on this project now for 5 months. I'm a Formula 1 fanatic. Went to the 2022 Miami Grand Prix in May. So it came to me one morning, bout 2am, how can I design a Formula 1 type steering wheel for XLR. So drew up the idea and bought a donor steering wheel. Found what I could use for palm pads. Found someone willing to do the leather covers and stitching, which was the hardest part and wallah. Feeling like Sir Lewis Hamilton driving to work negotiating the out segment, 27 curves, 3 sectors, one DRS Zone and the cool down segment. Steering is aligned and true. was putting this together, there were times I thought this is the stupidest I've come up with yet. Basically, had to work the material to the vision and that was by trial and redesigned errors... The main thing was I didn't have to start all over with another donor wheel...


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