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Weather finally turned nice. So for the next day or so I’ll be fighting the pollen. But as of right now 71 f and enjoying the nice temps. Heavy rains although are coming in by Thursday. So here you go

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Well I had a simi important appointment today. Just to get a haircut so no big deal. Should’ve listened to my gut yesterday and put the car on the battery tender. I have a jump starter but the battery was to low and the jumper hadn’t been charged up in awhile.
But when I was abt ready to leave I git into the car just fine then I pressed the start button nothing I couldn’t even open the door. Lucky for the emergency door release. So I pulled up on that and got out. Then I remembered the jumper. But it was in the middle door i between the seats. The upper middle compartment. Luckily I had the top down since it was a nice day the last time I drove the car. So it was easy to get in. But I had to figure a way to get the door back open so I could get to the hood release. Thank goodness for the hanger. I used that to open the door back up from the emergency switch. Then I git the jumper out and after a few minutes the jumper was dead. So I hooked up the battery tender and also brought the jumper in to charge that up. So now I’m waiting for the car battery to get a decent charge so I can go to auto zone where I purchased the battery. The receipt says feb 2020 and I think it’s a 3 year warranty battery.
oh well my cars life in a nutshell

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