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UAW Votes to Ratify Historic Four-Year Contract


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UAW Votes to Ratify Historic Four-Year Contract

Posted: 6:37 PM Oct 10, 2007

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Bowling Green, KY - Big news for thousands of General Motors workers around the country and in Bowling Green. UAW members working under General Motors have chosen to ratify a historic four-year contract.

The Oct. 10 announcement comes the same day as a General Motors vice president makes a stop in Bowling Green to talk about GM's future.

It was a gathering for Corvette plant employees, General Motors officials and others from the community. The goal was to discuss issues concerning the present and future of General Motors.

It's a future that includes a new United Auto Workers contract.

"We think it's good for the workers and good for the community," explained Jamie Hresko, vice president of quality for General Motors.

Changes include a freeze for employee wages for the next four years in addition to continued retirement benefits. As for the Bowling Green Corvette Plant, local UAW officials say that the Saturn Sky and the Pontiac Solstice will be added to the plant's production line.

According to one GM official, it's an outcome that the company supports.
"To preserve jobs in the U.S., we have to change and this whole agreement is about job security, and we want to do business here in this country. I think it's a fair agreement," Hresko said.

"We've been doing a lot to turn our business around. We've been working with our partners at UAW to make sure that we'll be around for a long time," added Will Cookey, Corvette Plant manager.

And now that the contract has been ratified, General Motors is encouraging local employees to just keep up the good work.

"Bowling Green's been a large part of General Motors for a long time and one thing about Bowling Green, is they've got great execution and quality and they continue to do the right things to continue improving upon the metrics that are so important," Hresko said.

Local UAW President Eldon Renaud said that 59-percent of the local UAW members voted to ratify the four-year contract.

Nationwide, the numbers show that 66-percent of production workers supported the deal.

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