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VVT solenoid actuator oil leak UPDATE


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Jan 12, 2022
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I noticed oil leaking from around the solenoid actuators, after close inspection I determined it was coming from where the wire plugs into the magnet. All four connectors were soaked in oil so I'm surprised the car ran fine with no check engine lights. Found new AC Delco replacements at rock auto. Installing the new ones were easy, I just inserted two studs, slid the new solenoid on, then ran in the first bolt as instructed in a previous post. No leaks and the car is still running great so I guess the job is complete. Admittedly I don't know much about VVT so if anyone knows if I need to do anything else, please let me know. Thanks
You are good to go. I like to install the center pin locator so you know they are dead center. Without it they can touch which wears and makes noise but ive need seen a failure from it.
Thanks for the reply, I have no experience with VVT so I wasn't sure. I was trying to figure out what the magnet did to change the operation of the valves but I've decided there are some things I just don't need to know. No leaks and it's running good, I'm a happy guy.
Its pretty simple. the valve has a center tube that the voltage to the magnet when changed moves in and out of the valve. The holes in the tube allow the pressure to change and advance the gear on the camshaft. That allows for a nice balance between economy and performance. The performance guys eliminate it and lock the cam gears in the most advancevthey can tor max power at all times. Fuel milage and low end power suffers . glad you got that messy oil leak cleaned up as it only gets worse over time
After replacing the solenoid actuators I have noticed a dramatic increase in low end power. I don't race the car but I do like to get on it once in a while if I'm on an empty country road. Since I changed the actuators it overpowers the traction control and gets exciting real quick. In the past it would break the tires loose but nothing like it does now. The only other difference is I put a can of injector cleaner in the last tank of gas but I wouldn't think that would make that much difference. Last year I had it dyno tuned and we made a few changes at that time, it did improve the performance, but again nothing like it's running now. If the actuators made that much of a difference why were there no check engine lights or codes. I have no idea if the top end is any different, it may not have affected that at all. So if you have noticed a decrease in low end power this may be something to look at.
Yes I believe so, check Rock auto the price may be different but there are choices that are cheaper.

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