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XLR - Product Placement - Movie: State of Play

Anthony Cundari

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Jan 17, 2010
New Albany, Ohio
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had a 2007 XLR for 5 years - unfortunately I moved on to newer technology
I was watching the 2009 movie State of Play with Russell Crowe and he's going to track down and meet with a character involved in the movie's web of intrigue and onto the screen pulls a black/cashmere XLR with screen shots of the car coming around the corner, closeup of the front grill and a pull back to show the car again. Within the 50 secs that the character in the movie parks the XLR, gets out of the XLR and Russell Crowe meets with him it sure is a product placement. There is no other reason for any dialogue about the car in the movie as well as the way it is presented! Crowe's character sits down across from the guy and asks "Is that your Cadillac. He replies Yeah. Then Crowe says V8 XLR, 320 HP, ACC and HUD . The character says Yes! Crowe says that's a hell of an impressive car. The character says Yes, I Know!
I did a quick search of youtube and the web and didn't find any reference to it. There was nothing in the movie credits back to GM/Cadillac.
When this is done inside the realm of "Public Television" it is called "Product Enhancement".
Last night decided to check out the State of Play movie. Got to Block Buster only to find it was closing down and they were liquidating everything. Ended up buying the Blue Ray disc for $7.

I expected the movie to be a bit cheesy but I was pleasantly surprised. Shoving the XLR horsepower and headsup display into the dialog was less a stretch than I initially expected since it was played off against an old Saab.

The movie is entertaining and the XLR cameo appearance is kind of neat.
Worth the time....

I caught the movie last night and we enjoyed it. The scene with the XLR was a nice touch even if it was driven by a PR guy!

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