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    XLR Gathering Memories

    It was a great time. We had fun trips!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2013 XLR Bowling Green Plant Homecoming - Sept 28th, 2013

    Our Update We are bummed out that we have to drop out of this event........... Had a family event pop up for the weekend of 28Sep that we should attend. I haven’t yet cancelled our room at Hilton Garden Inn. We have a room from Thurs night, checkout on Sunday, will cancel the room...
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    2013 XLR Bowling Green Plant Homecoming - Sept 28th, 2013

    This sounds like a great time to get together, the group is getting large enough to be a XLR Rendezvous V. We made reservations at the Hilton Garden Inn. Let us know if you need any help with planning or organizing. Looking forword to it :):)
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    XLR brick @ the NCM

    ChicagoDave would like to thank you for all this effort…. :worship: Can’t wait to see the finished product! Sounds like a XLR gathering in Bowling Green, party time. :party<O:p</O:p
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    I contacted Megan and donated $100 to the XLR brick and also purchased a 4X8 brick. Wow, this is great!! Our cars keep getting older and stacking up fun loving miles. Not to many 8-9 year old cars still have turning heads and comments! This is a great way of remembering all the great...
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    Merry Christmas

    Have a very blessed Merry Christmas to all!!! Have missed everyone, been out of the country much of the time since the Biltmore/North Carolina trip. So happy to be home… We are trying to keep the Pennsylvania trip in the schedule, hope we can make it. Happy Holidays:santa454: Dale & Mary
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    Happy Birthday Cadillac Tech

    Happy Birthday Bruce! :birthday: :beerchug: :patriot: Dale & Mary
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    Carolinas Trip April '11 Pictures

    Pictures :rocker: WOW Kathy & Bruce, We just finished watching the DVDs you sent us from the Carolina trip. What fond memories that brought back to us! Kathy, you have an incredible artistic eye. Every photo had feelings. We thoroughly enjoyed reliving the trip. Thank you so much for sending...
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    Carolinas Trip April '11 Pictures

    Bruce and Kathy what great pictures. I attached a couple of shots of you two working hard on these pictures. Photo Girl, Up early in morning - brace on foot - standing on hill side in wet grass - trying to get us to listen and stand in line and she keeps smiling Bruce down on his knee...
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    News: Asheville,NC/Charleston,SC Trip April '11

    Made it home We made it home safe and sound about 6:00 today. We had heavy rain over half the way home. Well, the “X” didn’t fair so well, we took on a semi tire re-tread head on and ran over it…. About two hours out of Charleston there was heavy traffic in both lanes. I was in the inside...
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    Charleston, SC trip April '11 information

    Looks like a great tour! I booked this tour online for 13Apr @ 3:30 for Mary & I :)
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    News: Asheville,NC/Charleston,SC Trip April '11

    Itinerary Thanks Bruce, for researching all these things to do! :patriot: We are officially on countdown T-5 days and counting. :dance: I attached a updated version of the Itinerary to cover the latest items. (Hunley & Harbor tours) The items on this Itinerary are summaries of items...
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    News: Asheville,NC/Charleston,SC Trip April '11

    I have updated the Itinerary per Bruce's latest items. We are getting close to starting countdown for departure! :dance::dance:
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    News: Asheville,NC/Charleston,SC Trip April '11

    Yes, I looked at the reservation confirmation from them, They maybe be full Hampton Inn Charleston/Mt. Pleasant-Patriots Point 255 Sessions Way Mount Pleasant, SC United States, 29464 Tel: 1 843-881-3300 Fax: 1 843-881-6288
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    News: Asheville,NC/Charleston,SC Trip April '11

    Itinerary Looking forward to the trip! :rocker: I have been gone for the last few weeks and have been trying to catch up by reading thru the threads of what is happening. I put together a summary of what has been discussed. Attached is the Itinerary of things with phone numbers. If...
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