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4.4l Engine Maintenance & Refresh


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Oct 23, 2019
Saudi Arabia
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Hope this helps anyone who comes across the same project, for ease and reference.

After purchasing a '13 Porsche Panamera GTS, it became my daily driver and it was time for the XLR-V to receive long due treatment and pampering.

Took it to my trusty corvette mechanic, who's worked on another XLR before and know their C5-C6 cars in and out.
The plan was to refresh the car mechanically and switch old gaskets and clean up the bay area. So a list started to form!
- Valve cover gaskets
- Supercharger gaskets
- Engine mounts
- Toelinks
- Radiator
- A/C compressor
- A/C, SC, Water pump belts

Here are part numbers which fit my 2007 XLR-V.

#PartPart No.Qty.
1R, Valve Cover Gasket125763941
2L, Valve Cover Gasket125763951
3Spark Plug Tube Seal125763968
4S/C Gasket125907372
5Water Outlet Gasket125908622
6Tube Assembly-PCV125819561
7Front duct rubber intake158049641
8Supercharger Belt125998471
9Water pump /alternator Belt125780611
10A/C belt125998451
11Rear rubber seal for S/C intake125840081
12Spark plugs125926198

This will conclude the major mechanical parts needed.

Moving forward, need to do some cosmetic changes/fixes as well.
- Rear view mirror (aftermarket or OEM undecided). (15218748)
- Driver's side mirror, W/PWR fold (15225052)
- Upper door hinge, Driver side (15925761) since the door is leaning down.

Other fixes:
- Align passenger fender.
- Remove the emptied catalytic converters and replace with straight pipe.
- Remove mid resonators and replace with X-pipe.
- Get a better tune.

- Treat, cut and polish OEM paint.
- Install a vinyl wrap. (Teckwrap hornet Yellow, or Vivvid Piano Black)

During the hunt for parts, I couldn't find 3 discontinued parts:
Tube Assembly-PCV12581956
Front duct rubber intake15804964
Rear rubber seal for S/C intake12584008

Thankfully a Dubai parts distributor carried the rear rubber seal (12584008), however I still cannot find the front seal duct nor the PCV tube... Hopefully universal parts can be retro-fitted in place.


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while at it be sure to pull the power steering pump pulley and check for any movement and fitment on the pump. These are failing and the hub in the pulley will strip out . If caught soon enough you may not damage the super rare power steering pump.
Thanks mickeytee,
Seems like even the P/S pump pulley is also a discontinued part 😐
it is but i have the parts to rebuild them and the pumps plus I have a few new pumps for the 4.6 engine that are also discontinued
Don't forget the pulleys and tensioners ! Just did those at 50K miles, along with the other items mentioned. Wouldn't hurt to check the S/C fluid as well, which I did. Since you're doing that seal, I'm sure they will refill with new fluid.

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