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Cadillac XLR Lower Radiator Core Support Skid Bar Plate


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Oct 25, 2020
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2006 XLR-V
I have a V and the dealer check out indicates the Rad Core Sup Skid Plate is cracked, common, and should be repaired by a welder. I see on ebay replacements can be had for $145. Can the skid plate be replaced w/o radiator removal? Perhaps from underneath? Anyone done this? I had teh dealer replace the coolant and if I dont have to crack the system open to do this it woudl be nice.
yes. not that bad to do from the bottom. The after market ones are fine . some have the nutserts from bolting the horns in and the lower shields. If the one you get does not the tool and serts or rivnuts are not expensive and a good tool to have. They install like a pop rivet but people tend to squeeze too hard. You just pull them snug. get your old one welded when you swap it out and be ready for the next time. A board laid across the top of the radiator and held up with some rope around the hose will help as it is rather heavy and can drop down making the install a little hard to align and put everything in place.
Thanks M, You know, when I asked the dealer about this they described the skid bar as an integral part of the structure of the frame. Which sent shivers into me. Sounds like its common and repairable. They did say that much.
if you need any help and try it, just let me know . I can send the tool and rivnets if you get one that needs them . the crack is a good thing for them to do. after they have been welded and really reinforced too much by some people they will pull the mount out of the frame and that is a lot or work to get that part repaired. As it is, its just a bolt on and bolt off part.

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