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Driver seat cover replacement


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Feb 14, 2021
Riverview, Florida
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2006 Cadillac XLR - Base
Hi all,
I just ordered the lower seat cover for the driver side of my 2006 base model,

Shale Driver Seat Cushion Cover - GM (88991574)

Mine is not horrible but am not happy with it's appearance after cleaning and conditioning it, the car is near perfect and this bothers me lol. Has anyone attempted or replaced the bottom driver side seat cover? If so can you share your experience and maybe some photos, tips or tricks needed to know before I take this on? There's nothing on youtube for this car but I'm sure I can figure it out but any help would be appreciated. Also, if anyone's seat cover is torn or tattered my old one will be available when complete. Thanks in advance.


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where did you order the seat cover from? I'm sure a local upholstery shop could do it. I would imagine the seat would have to come out. Mine is in need of replacing as well
good Luck
Let us know how it works out
You can google it and find a few sites that sell it.
I got mine from GM Parts Direct / Flow Automotive. It took a couple weeks, started to think I was scammed but it arrived. Great price for an almost extinct part.
No oem's are available. I just received the drivers side bottom (shale), from
richmond autoupholstery. It looks identical to the stock one. It has long nylon channels attached to it and a few hog rings. Do you have to remove the seat to take the old one off?

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