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Happy B-Day Cadillac Tech

Little Woman

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Oct 17, 2008
Bourbonnais, IL
My XLR/V(s)
Cubby's, RIII Attendee, Midwest Marauder Alcohol Czar
Happy Birthday Bruce. Have a great day. :birthday:
Happy Birthday, Bruce. I hope you get to enjoy your day.:party
Bruce, Happy Birthday!!

Glad to hear you and everyone else had a great time in SA!!

Enjoy your birthday, hopefully will see you at the next major outing!

Floyd & Maryann (BBs)
Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

Happy Birthday, Bruce!!!

Hope you have a great day. I think some blue lemonade or a nice frozen Margarita may be in order for you!!!:lol::lol:

Enjoy your day--You deserve it after putting up with the MM's for a whole week:laugh::laugh:

:birthday: :birthday::birthday::birthday:
:wave:Happy Birthday Bruce. Thanks for all you do for us on the Forum. :rocker:

Fred & Ingrid
Happy Birthday Bruce! We hope you have a great day.

Todd & Coyote
Bruce ... Happy Birthday ....


It was great fun to celebrate yours and Marc's and Kathy's at the Cadillac bar ... (cake was good too!)


Have the best day ever .... xxoo

Ruth Ann & Ray
Happy Birthday, Cadillac Tech!

Thanks for getting us to SA and home again...safely!

Photo Girl
Happy Birthday Bruce

Happy Birthday Bruce, it was good seeing you and Kathy again and enjoyed your combined birthday cake at the Cadillac Bar. Hope you have many more birthdays. Sorry to hear you came home with the cold also. That was one part of the trip I could have done without. First Robin
Happy Birthday Bruce,

Happy Birthday, you are the greatest....love you:party
happy birthday


Hope you have a great birthday and many more. Sorry we did not get to see much of you guys in SA.

Again, happy birthday.

Gaylre and Bob :party
Happy Birthday Bruce! Hope you have rested up enough from the trip that you have some energy to celebrate a bit!

~Quinn and DD
Hope you had a great b-day... we had fun helping you celebrate in SA at the Cadillac!!!

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