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It looks like the gang is back.


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Oct 19, 2008
Mill Creek, IN
My XLR/V(s)
2006 Black Raven XLR-V
It is nice to see that just about all of the regulars have found their way to this site.
Glad you found us. Welcome Whit. Your going to enjoy this site.
Whit .... geez, I hope you are at the least, considering going to San Antonio .... it just wouldn't be the same without you and Karen ... :bawling:

Yes ... you will probably get pretty comfortable here .... seems to be a place for everyone! And between our 2 comedy kings there is plenty to laugh about as well! Gosh .... what would it be like with both of them in the same bar???? :rocker::rocker:
Hi Todd, it's great to have you here. Who is that HOTTIE on the back of your bike? It will really be fun when Marc and Kris get home and get on here.:party

Bruce :rocker:
Hi Todd, it's great to have you with us...we have missed you. We would of enjoyed having you guys join us last weekend in Madison,IN. Maybe we can get together soon.

Kathy :rocker:

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