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May be an interesting read about On-Star services

Bill S.

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Jun 26, 2018
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Don't know how many here have On-Star services as active in their cars. I do and think it is really slick. Costs about 25 bucks a month. I'm not real high tech when it comes to telephony; Have a flip phone as my other phone and still have an old land line in the house, but thought this would be an interesting read. Maybe someday a more modern phone will come.

Back in April, On-Star e-mailed me a link to a survey they were putting out. Backed up and copied the content to a word doc as I realized what the issue was. Then the computer it was saved on crapped out a couple days later. Just got around to fooling with the computer and was able to slave the HD and get some work files and other stuff off it .

Anyway, here is that survey content......pretty interesting. Kind of sad they can't do something like a more updated adapter or software upgrade beyond what they describe here, so that the full functionality can be maintained in these older units. That's progress I guess. Read on..............

"Please Read This Carefully Before Hitting Continue

In 2022, U.S. cellular providers will “turn off” all 2G networks in order to focus on faster, more reliable 3, 4 and 5G Networks. Unfortunately, GM vehicles Model Year 2015 and older use these 2G networks when communicating with On-Star. Once the 2G networks are turned off, these vehicles will no longer be able to communicate with On-Star without the use of the new On-Star Adapter.

The On-Star Adapter

The On-Star Adapter is a physical device that easily plugs into your GM vehicle to allow your vehicle to communicate with On-Star on 3 and 4G networks.

It will look like this and plug into your existing OBD-2 port (located on the driver’s side of the vehicle, left of the steering wheel, down near your knee).


How it Works
Once the 2G networks are turned off, the On-Star Help Buttons in your rear-view mirror will no longer function. However, the On-Star Adapter is always monitoring your vehicle’s sensors. The On-Star Adapter now connects with On-Star and your cell phone, rather than through the rear-view mirror.

With the On-Star Adapter, in the event of a crash:
The Adapter will detect the vehicle has been in a crash through your vehicles many crash sensors.
Your phone will automatically connect to On-Star so that an Advisor will be able to speak to you via Bluetooth or speakerphone.
Even if your phone is not present or not charged, the Adapter will still provide an emergency data call to On-Star, who will send help.
With the On-Star Adapter, to speak to an Advisor:
You will simply use an app on your phone to connect directly to an On-Star Advisor for assistance.

Other changes caused by the discontinuation of the 2G networks:
Existing On-Star Turn by Turn Navigation service and Hands Free Calling features will no longer be supported. However, you will still be able to make calls through your vehicles Bluetooth if available.
However, additional options like 4G WiFi hotspot, remote key fob, and Smart Driver will become available with the Adapter.

Based on your initial impression of the On-Star Adapter, how appealing is this solution?
Select one

Extremely Appealing
Somewhat Appealing
Somewhat Unappealing
Extremely Unappealing

Installing the Adapter

To receive an On-Star Adapter, you simply create an account or login to Owner Center, navigate to the “On-Star Adapter” page, and place your order for one. Then:

Your On-Star Adapter will then be mailed to you.

Once you receive the On-Star Adapter, you’ll download or open the myChevy/Buick/GMC/Cadillac mobile application on your phone and log-in.

Simply plug in your new On-Star Adapter to the OBD-2 port, and pair it to your phone through the myChevy/Buick/GMC/Cadillac app.

Once you press “Activate” to finalize adapter set up, you’ll receive a notification when the On-Star Adapter is active.

On-star Advisors and Dealership help will be available if any further assistance is needed."


That's it

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There are alternatives that do the exact same thing and they are cheaper per month. Like the Verizon Hum.

Not exactly the same. In order for an "alternative" to work, Bluetooth technology is required. This, unfortunately, is not available on the '06 XLR V in the stock production form. Pretty sure it also applies to the '07 through '09

Some additional features available through On-Star, I do appreciate, are:
-Navigation assistance
-live emergency crash notification/assistance
-monthly vehicle systems diagnostics
-monthly vehicle maintenance reports.
-logged vehicle profile and service history
-a myriad of on-line supports.

"Some" of these features may be available through the V-Hum; it becomes an application and preference matter in the end.

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Well, I guess I wont be doing the onstar anymore. I liked having it in case the car was stolen. Turn by turn was pretty cool too as the maps in the Nav are way out of date now.

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