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Sound insulation on the sides in the trunk...


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Oct 15, 2019
Montreal, Canada
My XLR/V(s)
2004 #67
Q for anyone who might have actually looked behind the carpet that's on the sides of the trunk: how is the insulation looking in there in your XLR?

Reason I ask is, I'm fidgeting with all sorts of stuff on mine - let's not forget it's #67 off the line so it's not so young. I can say best as records show, it never lived in an exceptionally hot climate. Curiously, the rubber coated felt / sound absorbing material appears to have sort of....melted! :(

Almost like at some point in the car's life, it got left in a very, very hot environment, and whatever that rubber stuff is, basically gave up. Most specifically, just ahead of the rear lights - really bad as in now pointless to retain.

Again, it's an early car so maybe others are not the same. There's no sign of damage anywhere, same issue on both left and right sides.

If you happen to have noticed this or do care to pull back the carpet a bit and have a peek, I'd be really interested to hear your findings.

Thanks all!

Gord :)

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