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Apr 19, 2020
Hello All, Just dropping in from South Louisiana and would like to say that as of February of this year my wife and I are the proud owners of an 09 XLR-V. She is one of the 11 Vs built in Elektra Blue with black interior . Her Build sheet has her down as #5 in line and her dash shows 16k miles. My wife Ginger has been waiting for an opportunity such as this for a long time ever since her Grandfather was in line to get the Neiman Marcus edition back in 04 but sadly he passed away before he was able to take delivery. Fast forward to 06 when the first Vs started hitting the block and the interest boiled up a little more but such as life, things took over and finally this year we were able to land one of the rare ones. We are not new to the car scene. I have been racing, restoring and showing muscle cars for 35yrs and my wife's family comes from a long list of Hot Rodders. Aside from the 09 V we also have 1979 10th Anniversary Trans AM Daytona Pace Car which happens to be signed by Burt Reynolds, 1989 20th Anniversary Trans Am Indy Pace Car #124 which is a Festival car that was at Indy in 89 and a 1998 WS6 Ram Air Formula Firebird One 231 built that year and she is signed by Big Daddy Don Garlits back in 2004. I always wanted a Corvette but with seeing one at every stop light and coffee shop, it made it difficult to say go get it when everybody else already has it. That's where the V comes in. Didn't see many when they were new and with ours having the numbers it has, well we wont be seeing too many 09 Vs either. Well that's enough of me for now. I'll be hanging around a while and I'm sure my wife is going to bounce in here sooner or later since she is a Car Girl in all the rights and respects. Ya'll take care. Pics to come soon. Johnny
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Welcome to the XLR Net! Definitely post some photos when you can!
That’s awesome guys! And welcome to the world of XLR and the forum here with lots of years of knowledge. Hope you get to enjoy lots of top down Cruz’in

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Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the forum! I know you are going to enjoy many miles in you XLR!
Welcome Aboard !

The XLR's are indeed unique cars. We also considered a V and I would have liked to have had one. Yet we also wanted The Gold Mist. For some unknown reason, Cadillac never offered The V in Gold Mist. Obviously Gold Mist won out for us.

You have a unique auto background and are obviously both "Car People". ;)


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