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Petit Le Mans @ Road Atlanta



Photo Girl these pics look really good. Thanks for sharing with us all.;)


Cadillac Tech

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Oct 16, 2008
From Johnny O:
Petit Le Mans 2009

Rats. Not exactly the Petit Le Mans we expected, but I guess sometimes things don’t always go your way. Brutal heat during the week, and then unreal rain…. Well it was more than interesting dealing with it all.
Petit is without a doubt the hardest event of the year for me with all I have going on. The auction was a great success, and thanks to everyone that attended and endured the unreal heat under the tent. I hated holding it there, but with the chance of rain being so high, really had no option. Kelly I must say singing was the coolest thing a Dad could ever be a part of, and mega thanks to my good friend Dan for not only playing the guitar, but also arranging all the music ( which I’m sure for a heavy metal guy was a hassle ) and then going above and beyond by bringing in a sound crew for Kelly as well as the stage that we used. Guys a class act all around. Anyway, it’s not all totaled yet but I’m guessing we’ll be around $25,000 raised to help those with Alzheimer's and their families.
As far as the race went, well I stunk up the joint in qualifying only managing 7th. We were just nervous entering corners, and then understeering in the middle. I was kind of ****ed at myself, but what can you do but hope the car was better for the race.
Now in the morning warm up on rain tires, the car felt so good. Unreal so. One of the best rain cars I’ve ever had. At the start, I couldn’t believe how much grip I had and immediately went to work moving to the front. On about the 3rd or fourth lap, OG moved inside the ford for the lead, but slid off and I was able to move into second, and then just two corners later took the lead that we held on for the rest of the stint.
For the rest of the race we mostly held first or second, but then when the big rain came we found ourselves after stopping for tires in 5th behind the 4 car. The rain that came down was unreal, like nothing I’ve been in before, and after the yellow came out, I got caught out coming under the bridge ( I swear I wasn’t going that fast ) and hydroplaned big time. The car went 90 degrees and just slide all the way down the hill before landing on the beach at the bottom. Needless to say I felt like a jerk, and Binks… god love him… after we got things settled some… asked if that had happened under the yellow. Pretty cheeky I know, but I probably would have done the same.
Anyway, shortly after with us in 6th position now, the race was red flagged, and not restarted. All told it was I’m sure a difficult call for the officials, but I was glad they chose the path that presented us all with the safest option.. the track.. was a mess.
Laguna is up next… and time for redemption…


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Oct 16, 2008
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I'm glad everyone has enjoyed the pictures. I enjoy taking and sharing them. I didn't take as many pictures this year due to the weather.


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