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Help! Sirus XM Radio Function


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Jul 20, 2023
Mohnton, PA
My XLR/V(s)
2005 Light Platinum XLR 484
Does anyone in our forum have an XLR (with factory radio) that has the XM Radio functioning?
I recently tried to have Sirus "start a subscription" for my XLR radio, since it appears to have XM functionality.
Shows Radio ID on channel 0, has XM1/XM2 presets, and shows station names.
After many "refresh signals" and troubleshooting with Sirus, still radio shows "No XM Signal".
Sirus said maybe would have to be "updated/reset" at the Cadillac Dealer, which I do not plan on spending $$ on for that.
Is it possible that the XLR's were "prepped" with that radio, but only had it working if an "antenna" was added?
I recently saw a few XLR's for sale, and on trunk was a "bulge/sharkfin", which I would think is some kind of antenna?
My XLR has no visible antenna like that or other, so not sure if it is hidden or not?
Any feedback would be helpful, as would be nice to know if the older radios will even work with XM Radio anymore.
I have a 2007 V with XM and it works great and no antenna on the trunk.
Dennis, did you have any issues activating it?
Did you have to disconnect battery at all to "reset it".
That was the suggestion from Sirus today.

Antenna for '06 and up is in the exterior rear view mirror . Have had XM Sirius for years now. Just call them they configured and woks fine. About 56 bucks a year.

Thanks for info, makes sense about 2006 & up having the antenna in windshield.
Mine is 2005 and another XLR owner I got to know in my area has a 2005, and theirs has the “bulge/shark fin” on the trunk that shows “XM” on it. Mine does not have that, so thinking my issue is “no XM antenna”.

I am wondering if back in 2004-2005 that maybe the XM antenna was “optional”, while the radio was standard??
There are many 2004-2005’s I have seen online with no “bulge” on the truck, but have seen some.
Also wondering is wiring already there on mine for the antenna and is tucked under the inside trunk covers?

Any thoughts from anyone would be welcome.

The antenna for the XM is in the mirror housing not the windshield.

GM/Cadillac must have switched in 2006-2009 to have XM antenna in mirror housing.
My radio kept stating "no XM signal", so has to be it is missing the antenna, based on you and others saying you have no problems. When Sirus was trying to troubleshoot, they mentioned taking car to a dealer to have the radio "updated", but I'm not spending money going to a dealer for a car I drive like 1000 miles or less a year, in which the dealer may not be able to do anything anyway.
The 6 disc CD player works fine, as well as the FM, so will stick with that.
Just has to be logical explanation why mine appears to have no antenna.
Thanks, Chris Y.

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