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Replaced Radio/Navigation unit in my 2009


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Apr 11, 2023
Prescott AZ
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2009 XLR Platinum
I decided to upgrade the radio/navigation system in my 2009 XLR. With no current maps available, and no interface with newer services (like Apple CarPlay,) I decided to bring the navigation/entertainment system into the 21th century!
Yesterday, I had a Kenwood DMX957XR system installed. It totally replaced the old navigation, radio, CD player, etc. without losing any of the existing Cadillac functions like steering controls, backup sensor, heads-up display, etc. I added the Sirius/XM module as well so have that functionality as well. Navigation now comes from Apple CarPlay, using the constantly updated Apple (or Google) maps. Full hands free phone functionality, talking text messaging, and all other functions we have on our smart phones. I love it!
It did require the replacement of the center dash "fascia." However, the replacement fascia looks great. See the attached photo.
I am very happy with the result, especially the expanded hands free functionality!
I will be selling the old system, as well as the original dash fascia. These are from a 20k mile car so close to new! If anyone is interested in these parts, send me a private message. Thanks. Hal


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