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Thanks for a GREAT year

Cadillac Tech

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Oct 16, 2008
I just wanted to thank all of our friends for making '08 such a great year by joining us on our XLR adventures. We started off in April with a trip to Auburn,IN. and finished with a trip to Madison,IN. Along the way we have had a BLAST!!! We got to see 90 XLRs from 27 states @ RIII and meet up with old and new friends. We saw some awesome racing @ great race tracks like Mid-Ohio and Road Atlanta. We had cool car overload in Detroit during the Woodward Dream Cruise.
Our buddy Rich (Homegrown) attended every event with us this year...WOW. I'm not sure if he enjoyed being with us that much or if he just wanted out of Cleveland.:laugh: I think Cathy (Quinn) may have put the most miles on her Barbie car in the shortest period of time. She joined us for 4 events this year and put about 9,000 miles on her baby in 5 months.

Thanks again everyone... you guys have become great friends of ours and we really have enjoyed our time spent together. :party

Now to start working on '09 (let's hope for a short winter)

Bruce/Kathy :)
Thanks to you, Bruce & Kathy!!

Had it not been for you and Kathy planning alot of these events; we wouldn't have had as much fun as we did. We would have liked to have been to many of the ones we missed, but had other priorities at the time. Marion and I are looking forward to next year, so we can again get the X out and join our 'Midwest Mauraders' on more great adventures:):)

Hoping for a short winter as well!!
Thanks Bruce & Kathy

Thank you Bruce and Kathy for your hard work at the planning you do for us. We can not wait for next year. I am already marking the calendar for 09 events. Hope for a very short winter. All of you have been great friends to Kevin and I. :grouphug: Hopefully the Midwest Marauders will ride again soon. :party
You know me - I hate to miss a good time! And every minute I spent on every trip you (and/or Kathy) planned (or were involved in) was a blast! I'm sure there are 100 or more XLR and Corvette owners who can say the same thing about you folks. I've always said you are the greatest, and I mean that with all my heart!

I guess what I'm trying to say, Bruce, is thank YOU for welcoming us ALL into your lives! We all love you guys :grouphug: and we certainly look forward to seeing you again in 09.... or sooner!!!
Thanks a bunch

Bruce and Kathy - thanks so much for being our tour guides for the season! It's been so much fun to meet you and the rest of the great XLR folks!

David and I have really enjoyed the car - but it's the people that have made it so special... I've never been friends with Marauders, before - you guys are great! :grouphug:

~Cathy and Dave

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