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Jul 31, 2020
I'm looking at an '05 XLR with 83K miles. Seems to be in excellent condition but I am not familiar as to what weaknesses I need look for. The owner had the cats replaced, rear LED taillights fixed (?) shocks, brakes and tires. Are the cats a problem that I should be concerned about when looking at others? Car is Black/Black, blacked out grill, smoked lights, red seat inserts. Seats are a bit wrinkled. I am thinking of having a pre-purchase inspection done just to confirm everything works. Asking is $16,500. Based on Fair Market Value, it is a bit high.
Maintenance on an 04/05 is going to be higher with less resale value than a 06/07 . That is a very strong retail price. That should get you an 06 with 60k miles in good shape from the ones I am seeing sold.

The cats area matter of driving style and fuel used .I have seen 90/100 thousand mile cars with no problem and I have seen 45-60k cars that have had them replaced. Shocks are a pretty big cost if they are replaced with the mag ride factory ones. With an 04/05 you are still subject to a leak that will ruin your 2000$ suspension module.
seems high to me for the year and mileage.
I'd place emphasis on the roof, it can become a money pit! Even if it works, ask for rattles while driving, those can drive you insane because the car isn't loud enough to cover those up. Otherwise I think that condition can vary from car to car. Mine is up to 120k, and has still had less $$ in repairs compared to some friends with 60k. Shocks are $2,000, no way around it, but the next highest repair bill (that's common) is for any serious engine oil leaks.

Those are my two check boxes - happy hunting!

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