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    Help! 2005 XLR Navigation disk

    WOW!!!! Just by cleaning your headlight covers it fixed all the car's problems!!!! Must be REALLY GREAT stuff!! :)
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    Lets Run the Numbers

    Sounds fairly logical.
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    End of an Era

    Thanks, but she was totaled, and was hauled off to a junkyard somewhere in Ocala, FL. Maybe Travolta will pick her up!!! :)
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    The people vs winter...

    Almost time to put away the bathing suits and adjust how long the pool filter runs.
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    Interesting Question

    Navigation Units Although they both are equally crappy, the C7 has made major improvements!
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    End of an Era

    I was alone in the car, so I suppose the right air bag was disabled. The driver's seat bag didn't deploy, I suppose it sensed a "forward hit" and it thought it wasn't necessary--I suppose it thought that, who knows. I did spin about 270 deg., it possibly it should have deployed, but...
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    40 years later

    I didn't enjoy reading the first post describing the accident, but being that you faired well I did enjoy reading all the follow-ups! :lol: That certainly was a terrible couple of days for your family!!!! Glad of no lasting injuries.
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    End of an Era

    Yes, but only the one in the steering column. First time I ever had that happen, and I didn't realize it deployed until I noticed all the powder floating around.
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    End of an Era

    Thanks Bobbbbo, Thanks for your thoughts, now I won't have that type of decision to make anymore, at least when it involves an XLR.
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    End of an Era

    I was traveling exactly 45mph, I know this for suire as I had just passed a parked cop a block before, and like we all do, immediately checked the speed I was traveling. The speed limit is 45 along this part of the road.
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    End of an Era

    I really appreciate all the good wishes, for myself and the recently departed "V." I'll keep you posted as to which set of wheels will be next to carry me around.
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    End of an Era

    This is the end of the road for my owning XLRs. I've enjoyed owning an XLR and two "V"s. The last one was taken out by an old woman who didn't bother stopping at a stop sign ("I blacked out" :mad: ). Thankfully, no damage to yours truly. The insurance co (Hartford--excellent by the way) who...
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    Service Manuals

    Link doesn't seem to be working.
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    Edmunds Doesn't Like Our Car!!!

    At least they still remember it!! 5 Recent Cars They May As Well Never Have Made - MainStreet
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    We Remember...

    That's for sure!!!!! Thanks to all past, present & future men & women who keep our country free!
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