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'04-'09 XLR History & Information

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Oct 16, 2008
All 2004-2009 XLRs were hand built in a separate build area from the Corvettes @ The Bowling Green Assembly Plant, Bowling Green, KY. (I-65, Exit 28)
UAW Local 2164
The last XLR was built on 4/30/09, it was a Radiant Silver (17U) Platinum Edition

Plant Managers @ BGAP during XLR production;
Wil Cooksey 1993-2008
Paul Graham 2008-2009

XLR Vehicle Chief Designer: Tom Peters
XLR Chief Engineer: Dave Leone
VLE (Vehicle Line Executive) GM Performance Cars: David C. Hill
Northstar V-8 Chief Engineer: John Zinser

XLR Team Members @ BGAP;
XLR Production Launch Manager: John Spencer
XLR Production Engineering Manager: Jim Danahy
Plant Quality Manager: Rick Robbins
Quality Engineering Manager: Tom Hill

Folding Top:

Folding Top was built by Car Top Systems (CTS) in Bowling Green, KY
The folding top is comprised of two main panels. Both the front and rear top panels are painted body color and have an outer skin made of sheet molding composite (SMC)
There are a total of 16 hydraulic lines in the folding top system. Two lines for each cylinder. Each line is numbered for identification.
There are a total of eight hydraulic cylinders utilized in top operation.
One cylinder operates the windshield header latch
Two operate the deck lid
One operates the front tonneau
Two operate the rear tonneau
Two operate the top itself
Folding Top Fluid: GM part #89022748, (Canada, 30579887), Saab convertible top fluid part #3032356

Factory Built Special Editions:

2004 Neiman Marcus Edition XLRs (RPO LME). All were painted Ultra Violet (95U) with Shale interiors (18I) & numbered sill plate. Cost: $85,000

The Neiman Marcus XLRs were sold through the Neiman Marcus 2002 Christmas catalog. There were 101 NM XLRs built with 99 units sold to the public and 2 went to charities. The 99 sold out in 14 minutes. They were delivered to dealers in September 2003. They were all built at the same time, but they were not the first units built in 2003.

2006 Star Black (82U) XLRs, 250 built. RPO WG8 included; chrome grille, 18" chrome wheels, numbered sill plate & custom car cover.
2007 Passion Red (74U) XLRs, 250 built. RPO X30 included; dark eucalyptus wood trim accents, Ebony interior (19I), chrome grille, 18" chrome wheels & numbered sill plate.
2008 Alpine White (10U) XLRs, limited edition. RPO X30 included; chrome grille & 18" chrome wheels. Ebony (19I) or Cashmere (35I) interior.

2004 exterior colors: Xenon Blue (19U), Black Raven (41U), Satin Nickel (46U), Light Platinum (67U), Crimson Pearl (86U) & Thunder Gray (88U).
2004 interior colors: Shale (15I), Ebony (19I).

Model Year Changes:

2005: Dark Eucalyptus interior wood trim accents available, RPO FAC.
Blue Steel (34U) replaces Thunder Gray (88U).

2006: first year for the XLR-V; it was available in Black Raven (41U), Light Platinum (67U) & Infrared (80U). Cost: $100,000
Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL) introduced.
Passenger side air bag light moved to inside rear view mirror.
Matching interior wood trim added to HVAC trim plate.
Infrared (80U) replaces Crimson Pearl (86U), Gold Mist (51U) replaces Satin Nickel (46U).

2007: first year for the Platinum Edition XLR. They were painted Liquid Amethyst (36U) or Black Raven (41U) with Cashmere interiors (35I), chrome grille, high polished 18" 15 spoke aluminum wheels, Olive Ash interior wood trim, leather wrapped interior panels & Alcantara ultra-microfiber headliner & sunvisors.
4th color added to XLR-V; Xenon Blue (19U)

2007 and 2008 had three models; Standard XLR, Platinum Edition XLR and XLR-V.

2008: heated steering wheel introduced, RPO N31 XLR/Platinum. RPO NR7 XLR-V.*Due to a shortage of steering wheels, many of the '08s were built without the wood on the steering wheel. A credit was applied to the cost of the vehicle or the customer could choose to have the correct steering wheel installed @ a later date.
XLR 18" aluminum chrome wheels, RPO PD5.
Crystal Red (89U) replaces Infrared (80U). Elektra Blue (85U) replaces Xenon Blue (19U). Goldstream (11U) replaces Gold Mist (51U).

2009 deletions:
"Supercharged" letters removed from XLR-V doors.
Bvlgari lettering removed from instrument cluster.
Kinetic aluminum interior trim.
Zingana wood trim accents removed from XLR-V.
Light & Dark Eucalyptus interior wood trim accents.
Exterior Colors; Goldstream (11U), Liquid Amethyst (36U), Light Platinum (67U).

2009 new features:
Two models; XLR Platinum and XLR-V. The XLR Platinum Edition used the same hood as the XLR-V.
New 18" wheel designs on XLR Platinum.
New design on front & rear fascias for both XLR Platinum & XLR-V.
Restyled front fog lamps for XLR Platinum & XLR-V.
New upper & lower grille design for both XLR Platinum & XLR-V.
New exhaust tips for XLR Platinum.
Bluetooth capability with next Generation OnStar 8.0
New cluster trim rings & new graphics.
New power window control switches.
Black Olive Ash wood replaces Zingana wood for XLR-V
Restyled front fenders with chrome vents for XLR-V & XLR Platinum.
Exterior colors; Black Cherry (12U), Radiant Silver (17U), Flannel Gray (57U)

*Black Raven (41U), is the only color that was available every year of production.

All new XLRs were delivered to dealers in enclosed car carriers (8 cars per carrier). A protective plastic film known as "Transseal" was applied to the external horizontal painted surfaces to provide protection from ultra violet light, fallout and chemical attack from bird droppings. The protective film was removed during Pre-Delivery inspection. Only XLR certified Cadillac dealers could sell new XLRs.

Powertrain information


2004-2009 XLR/XLR Platinum: used the all-aluminum 4.6L (279 cu in) 32 valve, 4 cam NORTHSTAR V-8 with VVT, (RPO LH2, VIN A). Horsepower- 320 @ 6400 rpm. Torque (lbs-ft)- 310 @ 4000 rpm. Compression ratio- 10.5:1. The engines were assembled @ The Livonia, MI engine plant.

2006-2009 XLR-V: used the all-aluminum 4.4L (267 cu in) 32 valve, 4 cam SUPERCHARGED NORTHSTAR V-8 with VVT, (RPO LC3, VIN D).
Horsepower- 443 @ 6400 rpm. Torque (lbs-ft)- 414 @ 3,900 rpm. Compression ratio- 9.0:1. The engines were hand assembled @ The Wixom Performance Build Center, Wixom, MI.

2007-2009 4.4L (RPO LC3) engines were signed by the engine builder @ Wixom.
Firing order: 12734568, LH2 and LC3 engines. Spark plug gap: 4.6L-0.050", 4.4L- 0.040"


2004-2006 XLRs used the 5 speed automatic transmission (5L50-E) with Driver Shift Control.
2007-2009 XLRs used the 6 speed automatic transmission (6L80-E) with Driver Shift Control.
2006-2009 XLR-Vs used the 6 speed automatic transmission (6L80-E) with Driver Shift Control.

5 Speed Transmission information:
Production location: Strasbourg France
Rear Wheel Drive
Y Platform
Dry weight: 161 lb
Fluid- Dexron III
1st gear ratio- 3.42:1, 2nd gear ratio- 2.21:1, 3rd gear ratio- 1.60:1, 4th gear ratio- 1.00:1, 5th gear ratio- 0.75:1, Reverse gear ratio- 3.03:1

6 Speed Transmission information:
Production location: Ypsilanti, MI
Rear Wheel Drive
Y Platform
Dry weight: 213.2 lb
Fluid- Dexron VI
1st gear ratio- 4.027:1, 2nd gear ratio- 2.364:1, 3rd gear ratio- 1.532:1, 4th gear ratio- 1.152:1, 5th gear ratio- 0.852:1, 6th gear ratio- 0.667:1, Reverse gear ratio- 3.064:1


2004-2006 XLRs used the Getrag Limited-Slip differential. 8" ring gear with 2.93 gear ratio. (RPO GW9)
2007-2009 XLRs used the Getrag Limited-Slip differential. 8" ring gear with 2.73 gear ratio. (RPO GU2)
2006-2009 XLR-Vs used the Getrag Limited-Slip differential. 8" ring gear with 2.56 gear ratio. (RPO GM8)


2004-2009 XLR/XLR-V: featured the MagnaRide Real Time Damping (RTD) suspension. Magnetic-rheological shocks @ each wheel can vary damping up to 1,000 times a second, adjusting to changing road surface conditions.

2004-2009 XLR/XLR-V: the front and rear suspensions use a single lightweight fiberglass transverse spring.

Charging system:
Hitachi H-LC 150 Amp liquid cooled generator (RPO KG4)

2004-2009 XLRs use hydroformed steel frame rails made @ BGAP. The hydroforming process uses a single die and high-pressure fluid to form the rails; resulting in frame rails that are boxed, rather than U-channel. Hydroformed frame rails reduce weight, but are of higher strength. The XLR also utilizes a structural backbone "tunnel" that provides great structural rigidity.


2004-2009 XLR: The exterior painted body panels (except the front and rear bumper covers) are made of SMC (sheet molding composite), including the rear tonneau and both folding top panels.

2004-2009 XLR/XLR Platinum: P235/50R18 W-rated, extended mobility, blackwall, Michelin or Goodyear (RPO QMS)
2006-2009 XLR-V: P235/45R19 front, P255/40R19 rear, W-rated, extended mobility, blackwall, Pirelli (RPO Q24)

2006-2009 XLR-Vs were the only XLRs that came with a factory installed rear swaybar.
2006-2009 XLR-Vs have greasable rear outer tie-rod ends.
2006-2009 XLR-Vs were charged a Gas Guzzler Tax (RPO R8E)

Navigation System was built by Denso in Japan


Adaptive Cruise Control was not available on 2006-2009 XLR-Vs.
XM (S-Band) radio was an option on 2004-2005 XLRs. The XM radio antenna was externally mounted on the decklid. It was painted body color and installed by the dealer. 2006-2009 the XM antenna was integrated in the outside rearview mirrors.

Maintenance Replacement Parts:

Engine air cleaner filter elements:
4.4L V8- A2945C (10342024 GM part #), 4.6L V8- A1208C (25099149 GM part #)

Engine oil filter:
4.4L V8- PF26, 4.6L V8- PF61

Engine spark plugs:
4.4L V8- 41-991 (12592619 GM part #), 4.6L V8- 41-986 (12571533 GM part #)

Cabin filter:
CF131C (10345066 GM part #)

Wiper blade:
19.7" (50 cm) 12367281 GM part #
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