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2004-2007 Production Numbers


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Oct 17, 2008
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Does anyone know if there is information on the 04-05 models with a breakdown on the exterior/interior color combos like there is on the 06-07 models. I beleive the 04 only had the Shale or Ebony interior, with the exception of the special edition Neiman Marcus which could have been cashmere, but I'm not sure. Not sure about the 05 model, was there a special edition that year? Anyone that knows please post.
I don't believe there was a special edition in '05.

For more information, click on the Model Center link above in the blue navigation bar.
The NM editions all had shale interiors. Rob is right, there wasn't a "special edition" in '05

Kathy :)
Hey Kathy, good to see you and the Little Woman, and of course RA and Southern-V participating on this forum. "Us girls" keep it interesting.
PS: I know that the '05 Blue Steels weren't Special Editions, but feels like it to me.

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