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A friend of mine is looking for some sts original wheels. He thinks they are the same as the xlr but not sure. He wanted me to ask the xlr community. He really doesn’t do Facebook or social media that much. He wants to get his sts looking original. He said he has a scrape or I think the other owner replaced the wheels with non original.

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Just thought I’d throw this out here. Florida, southeast and snowbird xlr owners October 24-28th 2019 mission inn resort and club 10400 cr 48 Howey in the hills Florida 34737 just north of Lakeland Florida and close to mt Dora and the Ocala area
the Florida chapter allante/xlr club is having their annual get together and car show. Sorry for the lateness but the registration needs to be in by the 24th of sept
Get together on Thursday afternoon around 3 pm Thursday night dinner 7 pm boon docks
Friday morning breakfast at hotel then 10 am leave for either winery or the don gar drag race museum then 6:30 meet at la margarita lounge for dinner social gathering with live music

Sat 8-9:30 car show at hotel then onto mt Dora for their 35th

It's not too late to join us October 23-27th for our Car Show, Awards and great fun weekend! Mount Dora and Howey in the Hills, Florida! Mission Inn Resort Call for reservations 352- 324 -3101 ask for Florida Allante' & XLR Club! Registration Form E mail Kathy at acmeninc1986@aol.com

This does say 23-27 but the flier says October 24th-28th

New members get some cool prizes

Oct 2019 Mount Dora, Florida Meet! All registered members receive the new Florida Allante' & XLR Club Bottle Bag Cooler! E mail for info & Form acmeninc1986@aol.com


I just got my pen and decal in the mail


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Nice day for a car show here. Benefitted Honor and Remember for those killed in combat. Also got the benefit of the air show away at the base as the jets were turning around over us.


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Just saw on tv history Chanel nov 10 th barn yard find corvettes. They will all be restored to their glory days. So if anyone is interested be sure to tune in on nov 10rh around either 9 or 10 pm

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I guess I have gremlins again. I’ve noticed the last couple weeks that everytime/sometimes when I open the trunk my trunk lights don’t come on. But then when I open the doors they’ll come on. Has anyone notice this or has this happened to yours.

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Yup my still does that, even after they installed the new trunk latch! Also If you push the remote buttons again, it will turn them on most of the time too!

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Well after a year or so of looking and waiting trying to figure the right time and waiting for cooler weather [emoji38]([emoji23] yeah right Florida weather isn’t cooler). I finally bit the bullet and got to cleaning my floor. Because I have a left foot accelerator mounted in the car I didn’t want to tear up my good floor mat. So it’s been a little more then a year since I went with a floor mat that I had custom cut around my pedal opening. Then I opted to get a better made one that’s easier to release. So the floor carpet looked very dirty almost black around the edges. I went to autozone and picked up this bottle of tough stuff with attached brush. I spent a couple hrs sweating in my open garage with a fan going on this hot and humid Halloween day. It looks about 90% better but still have some scrubbing to do. On another note I’m getting the side plastic piece that supports the seat and side adjusters replaced and the glove box handle piece replaced. My dealership called and told me the parts are in. I have a scratch/rip on the front section of my passenger seat. So I’m getting that repaired on the 13th before I get the parts installed.

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Hope everyone on here has a Happy Thanksgiving - and that no giant turkeys fall on your XLR!

(no XLR’s or turkeys were harmed in the making of this photo)


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Well after seeing at a post on Facebook on the caddy xlr site I went out to take pics and post them there. That in turn made me see this.


It might be a little hard to see in the dark. But I’ve noticed on my amber lens it is cracked. Then that made me in turn chat with A xlr owner in penn. he and I think the lights might’ve been left over from 05. Then I pulled out my car fax and read it It shows that back in nov 22 if 05 it was sold to Ed Morse in Delray Beach Florida. Then the odometer was reported and red Florida motor vehicle dept cockeysville md. On the 22nd and 29th. Registered as a commercial vehicle serviced Jan 31st if 2006 Ed Morse bayview caddy in ft Lauderdale
Then on 7/22/06 the title was updated and registered as red.
Moral of this story is the lights probably were 05’s brought over to soon to be 06 model.

But back in late 2018 I had the driver side parking/daytime running light changed because bulb was out. The passenger side is lit still but slowly going out. The lenses are both showing heat melt. But the passengers side I noticed has a crack going in all directions (north south east and west). Will look at this more closely tomorrow in the daytime

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After I posted that I received this from dan

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06 headlights have the 10 wire connector. They articulate. The 04-05 do not . the burned upper lens do this on all the lights no matter what years. 06 -09 lights can be made to work o n04-05 but 04-05 lights will not work on 06-up. And yes some have made them work by cutting up a light and installing the articulating motor under the fender but basically they do not work. 04-05 lights are bad about the outer lens developing mini hairline cracks in the plastic look like chicken feet scratches. The 06 lights are known for the outer lens coming loose from the gray/green reinforcement and allowing water in the light before finally blowing off completely.

As stated before a recall on the 04-05 lights replaced the bulb holder which would get hot and melt the back of the housing on the headlight. This can be told by seeing the heatshrink on the wiring of the drl bulb socket
Just got this in the mail today


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They have 7 pages of stuff ranging from

Engine exhaust body panels trim suspension and brakes to interior like pedals sil plates and floor mats but no head or tail lights

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Just saw this today around 4 pm the 15th of nov In orange park fl Looked like a base bug had a mesh grill Thought I saw a v badging in back but couldn’t tell as I was 3 lanes over with my mom driving

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