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Jun 4, 2009
Newport News, Va
My XLR/V(s)
2005 Platinum XLR
Hello From Virginia. I recently bought a 2005 Platinum with ebony interior. There is only one thing to say. WOW what a ride.
Congratulations on your new ride--you will love it. I'm on my second one; a 2006 Infrared w/Shale XLR-V. Welcomr to the forum. You will find a great group of people along with tons of information for your XLR.
Welcome to the forum. Glad you found the site. They are nice cars. My husband and I have enjoyed ours.:blinzel:
Congratulations on your purchase. Enjoy!!

We agree ....
Glad to have you and your new car on board ...

Happy Trails! :wave:

Ruth Ann & Ray
Ditto on everyone's replies... welcome to the forum. Maybe you can join us in Colorado Springs next year??
WELCOME. I lived in Virginia (Norfolk) for three years. You should have plenty of good weather to enjoy that BEAUTIFUL CAR! Happy Motoring...George
Thank you George.

Yes there are some great back roads here in the Sourteastern Va area as you know.

Thanks for all of the replies and welcomes!!

This is an excellent site!
MiltonD...Welcome to the Forum, we are not far from each other maybe our paths will cross...I am in that area quite a bit. :cool:
Welcome to the group. Just got my '05 XLR this summer and joined many here on their Fall Drive... we had a BLAST!! Hope to meet you at an upcoming gathering.

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