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Oil change


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Dec 8, 2008
Evansville Indiana
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2004 black raven
I just got an o4 last friday. DIC says 31% on oil. I usally change at 50% so I am going to change this week. Any tricks I need to know or is it just like all others. Also, Whats the best oil. I see they recomend Mobil 1. I use castrol syntec in the BMW and Orileys has it on sale for $4.99 right now. Any Thoughts
It is a normal type oil change. I would stay with Mobil 1,you will need 8 qts.

Bruce :wave:
The oil life indicator is based on the use of a synthetic oil (Mobil 1, as you noticed). Theoretically, non-synthetic oils don't last as long. I think pretty much everyone on the Forum is a fan of synthetic oil; yes, I use Mobil 1 and have had no problems. The only thing you need to know (and you may already know it) is to have a LARGE oil pan to catch the used oil; Northstars hold about 8 quarts of oil. i also use the Mobil 1 filter, since I assume it's designed to last longer.

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I'll pick up the mobil 1 tomorrow. I do have a big oil pan, 4 northstars, a BMW, 8 quarts and the Allante used 7.5. The killer is the boat. 16 qts per engine. OUCH. Thanks Dave

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